by Karate Bikini


releases April 1, 2019

Tim McAvin: Bass/Vocals
John Horton: Electric Guitar
Michelle Rae: Baritone and Tenor Saxophone/Flute/Vocals
Mike Martin: Electric Guita/Vocals
Danny Hommes: Drums/Vocals
Manoj Mohan: Tenor and Baritone Saxophone/Keyboards

Recorded at Broom Factory
Recorded and Engineered by Mike Martin
Mixed by Mike Martin
Mastered by Jack Petrachek
Produced by Karate Bikini
Executive Producer: Mike Martin
Cover art by Tim McAvin and Danny Hommes



Karate Bikini Saint Louis, Missouri

Karate Bikini -
Six seasoned musicians surround a musical core provided by songwriter Tim McAvin. Sonically, the group reminds audiences that ensemble performances transcend the mechanized sound of much of today’s music. Melodies conjure memories of Sam Cook, Matthew Sweet, Madness and musical locales
like Motown, Beale and New York when Television and Lou Reed walked the streets.
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